Dream California Wine Country tour

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

The Northern California region in United States is widely acknowledged as one of the world's finest wine-growing region. Even though the entire county of California cultivate grapes and produce some remarkable wine, Northern California is particularly renowned for its outstanding wines. This country region principally consists of Napa wine country tours, Sonoma and also includes Mendocino and parts of Lake Counties.

Wine lovers from across the globe keep visiting this area and stopping at all the wayside wineries and relishing rare, vintage and exotic wines in various tasting rooms. To travel around the wine country properly and in a comprehensive manner may require some advance planning. If you really want to have a wholesome dream wine country tour and not miss the less prominent wineries, you should opt for the guided tours.

Tasting fees may vary and in Napa, the fees may be somewhat higher while in most other parts tastings will be either free or the fees will be nominal. Please know that the wines of this region are drawn from French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Eastern European varietals.

California wine country tours are not merely to taste the different varieties of wine but also learn all about the process of wine-making. To make your wine tour even more adventurous and exciting you can go round the area in different modes of transportation like – bicycle, train, bus, car, motorcycle, limo, boat, balloon and even horse rides.

If you are enterprising enough, you can hire a car and self-drive with the aid of wine country brochures and guide books plentifully available. You can even avail of jeep tours that will take you through the vineyards to learn first-hand the art and science of wine-making. But whatever modes of transportation you may choose, you should not miss availing the exciting balloon travels.

The most exciting and adventurous tour of wine country sightseeing tours is availing the Napa valley balloons. This will be an out-of-the-world experience as the balloons will soar to dizzy heights to provide you a breathtakingly beautiful glimpse of sunrise. The balloons glide over the Napa valley at an incredible altitude of 2,000 feet and the ride lasts for nearly an hour and, in most cases, includes a continental breakfast.

This apart, whatever the mode of transport you select, make it a point to exhaustively cover all the fabulous wineries and witness the picturesque sceneries and also enjoy the truly warm and hospitable atmosphere.

It may be preferable to avoid weekends if you truly want to have a dream California wine country tour. During weekends, you will have to contend with heavy crowd of tourists, inordinate delay in congested tasting rooms and non-availability of adequate staff to guide and enlighten you.

It is also worth remembering that California wine country is home to many excellent restaurants and visiting them can be a memorable way to taste the best wines as well as food with local flavor the county has to offer. Most restaurants generally serve extensive varieties of wine with a focus on local bottles.


Napa Wine Country Breakfast Tour

>> Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In California, you will be immersed in the wonder and splendor of a state that could take you an entire lifetime to fully experience. California wine country tour has a lot to offer, relaxing sunset walks along the seashore, insightful museums and amazing painting galleries and fine dining.

The most amazing surprise of California wine country tour in my opinion is absolutely the endless vineyards and olden wineries of the Wine Country. Whatever your wish or delight, you can indulge for a dream weekend at one of California's Wine Country divan and breakfast inns.

There are a lot of beautiful bed and breakfast country inns located on calm creeks in the middle of lovely gardens and huge vineyards in the heart of the California Wine Country valleys. Napa Wine Valley and Sonoma Wine Valley are the two most popular areas of the wine country and have an embarrassment of wonderful and peaceful things to do and see.

In the middle of many attractive aspects, Sonoma Valley boasts a tremendous production of Pinot Noir. Only 50 kilometers north of San Francisco, A Sonoma Wine Country weekend tour features more than 200 wineries, with planned grand tastings and pleasant wine auctions.

The Sonoma Wine Valley vineyards allegedly were planted as early as 1824 which spans a record of almost 200 years. At the same time as traveling through the heart of the Sonoma Napa Valley, stay at The Shelford House Bed and Breakfast Inn, concealed away in a beautiful vineyard between Healdsburg and the amazing Mendocino coastline, which is an strange feit of Queen Anne style Victorian building.

It is one of the many wine country bed and breakfast inns presenting comforting vacations, passionate getaways and honeymoons and don't forget to follow a Sonoma wine trail to immediately travel back in time to when the wineries were first imagined over 100 years ago.

For a passionate and comforting getaway in California's wine country, come explore and enjoy Napa Valley Tour and the nearby vineyards and wineries. The Napa Valley, world renowned as a wine and tourist place, is located roughly one hour north of San Francisco. When visiting Napa, confront your golf game on one of Napa's pristine golf courses featuring gorgeous greens and undulating fairways.

The wineries here are typical representations of the Napa Wine Country. There is also an enormous sense of duty towards our environment. There are nearly 41 Napa Valley wineries that are utilizing solar energy which is talented for our future. Just trial your way through the Napa Country vineyards and winery estates and stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast country inn that matches your mood perfectly. The vineyards are a scene that will never be forgotten and all of the little towns throughout have their own single personality and individuality. All over the entire area of Napa wine country you would discover more than 13,000 acres of vineyards and wineries that are first and foremost family owned and operated.

It is a wonderful wine country bed and breakfast holiday to unplug and forget your daily worries; the Wine Country always has ails for what suffer you with each drop of yummy pinots, merlots, and chardonnays. Just you can take a week or a month to find out all that Wine Country cities have to proffer. Mountains and the sea, redwoods and canal, the valleys and the vineyards, Napa's wine country has it all. So arrange your trip, book some bed and breakfast inns and see one of the most amazing parts of the world.


Wine Making Method in California Napa Valley

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Napa Valley ToursNapa Valley region in California is home land for some of the finest wineries in the world. Many tourists to Napa Valley prefer to motor down from San Francisco which is an hour's drive from California. This is debatably one of the best routes to see vineyards of Napa valley and sample vintage as well as fresh wines.

The tour operators from San Francisco also initiate guests to the wine-making process and other sustainable wine-producing techniques. If you are actually engrossed in knowing all about wine making methods, then there is not at all a better place than California Napa wineries.

If you are on a Napa valley tour for the first time, you should pick for good wine tour that will take you to every area of the winery where the wine making method takes place. At the end of the tour, you will be clever to better appreciate the hints of wine making and also develop fervor for wine. It will be pretty interesting to know the natural wine making method followed in Napa wineries.

The grapes fully mature and fit to be pluck in late August or early September but the winemaker first tastes the grapes, chews the seeds, and assesses the sugar content to decide the exact time when the grapes can be yielded.

The winery labor force is then pushed into service for harvesting the grapes efficiently and quickly. The harvested grapes in bins are transported to the relevant winery where they are compressed.

It is here that the difference between red and white wines is made. It is a simple method of winery making. If the skin and seeds of the fully ripped grapes remain when the grapes are compressed, it is for preparing red wines and if the skins and seeds of the grapes are removed, it is for making white wines.

The juice, skins, and seeds for red wines and the juice for the white wine are deposited into fermenting tanks made of stainless steel.

The universal practice is to add refined yeast to this grape juice. The fermentation method commences when the yeast begins to attract the sugar content in the grape juice. It may be renowned that carbon dioxide and alcohol are by-products of this method of making wine.

After fermentation method is complete, the wines are poured into standard 60-gallon French or American oak barrels for reason of aging.

While the aging process goes on, the wines are sporadically racked - it means the wine is pumped from one barrel to another empty barrel. This idea is to remove the sediments from the bottom of the barrel and the barrel is re-used again.

Fascinatingly, after several months of aging in the barrels the wine is moved into the jug for further aging in the vineyard. After the winemakers are get satisfied that the wine has adequately aged inside the bottle, the wine is prepared to be transported to the sales point where the wine lovers buy it.

The wine making method may be long-drawn but definitely not difficult, if you have the inclination to appreciate. If you have joined up with the right tour worker, you will be sampling the best wines in the Napa valley and witness direct the entire wine making process in its charming setting.

You can visit a number of wine making companies in the Napa area who will eagerly show you all about the wine making method. They will even let you concentrate a seminar on combination food and wines. You can also buy a few bottles of your favored wine and take them to home.


Rejoice Wine Country Tour in California

>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet wine, traditional wine, the best contribution wine magazine, some wine promoter and even wine software, where else would you imagine you can find the whole thing about wine, none other than in Wine Country Tour, California.

This Northern California region is considered as world-renowned wine-growing region in the United States. The Golden State has been producing wine nearly more than 200 years, since the days of the early Spanish missionaries. From Mendocino to Santa Barbara, California boasts almost 100 different varietals in almost 100 viticulture areas.

Many visitors rejoice exploring the area on their own possession, resting at wineries and sampling vintages in different tasting rooms, but guided Napa Tour wine country may disclose scenic sites and small wineries often ignored by the wide-ranging public. Admired guided tours of the area also take in bike journeys, hot-air balloon rides and train trips. Read on more to learn how to rejoice wineries tour in California.

1) Step to Mendocino County:

Mendocino County, sited about two hours north of San Francisco, is address to 53 wineries, spread around the Anderson Valley, Redwood Valley and Mendocino Ridge is among other rising regions. The county is also named for its spectacular redwood forests, an impressive and weathered coastline and the blooming art community of Mendocino.

2) Glance at Napa Valley region:

The best known California's wine regions, Napa Valley Wine Tour is sited to a narrow, 27-mile long broaden land that extends from the town of Napa, about an hour north of San Francisco, to Calistoga. This fertile valley is holds nearly 373 wineries, as well as an array of restaurants, bed and breakfast inns and foodie markets.

3) Lodi:

When ZInfandel is cited many wine lovers dream of the wineries in Lodi. Rest in California's Central Valley the grapes grow up in a diversity of climates. As a result the Zins of Lodi are secret of having a big soft jammy taste.

4) Halt in Sonoma Wine County:

Immediate west of Napa Wine Tour lies Sonoma County. This coastal region is extra spread out and more familiar than its cousin to the east. Among the area 260 wineries is Buena Vista, founded in 1857, and whispered to be California's first profitable winery.

5) Taste wine in Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz, to be found about an hour's drive south of San Francisco, is one of California's most modern wine regions. Recognized in 1981, Santa cruz is abode to 60 wineries, in an area parallel in size to Napa Valley.

6) Rejoice Santa Barbara County wines:

Santa Barbara County wineries, located about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, were finished by the recent film "Sideways." This region is home of more than 100 wineries, benefits many in the Paso Robles area, and is top known for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Possibly it's time to prepare your tour scheme to rejoice yourself in this wine country tour. You should flavor every wine that these places offer. Perhaps, you will be a wine sponsor from being just a wine observer after flavoring the best vintage wine in the Wine Country.


Tips to single out a good wine

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There is an ever prevailing confusion about buying a wine and making it go with the dish that you are about to serve for your guests or your family. This confusion is the first step towards learning all about wines.

If you are not satisfied by your choice of wine, just chill because even the wine exerts fail to notice occasionally. First things first - believe that it is not common that one can tell what a wine could taste like until he/ she opens it up and takes a sip. Everyone is subject to imperfections and faults.

Do not blame yourself if you find wines very difficulty. In order to make it a pleasure and learn more about wines hit California. Take this wine country tour and equip yourself with lots of information about wines. You can see to yourself the wine making process if you take a California wine country tour. California is home to diverse types of wineries. You can learn to pick a good wine by following these tips;

Type of Grape used - Information regarding the type of grape that went in the making of the wine will be specified on the label. Grapes are the primary differentiator of tastes that wines pick up. The tastes of grapes differ vastly. And this is why there are a variety of wines available. There are even wines made from 2 or more grape variety.

This enhances the diverse tastes in which wines are available. This results in an array of flavors unheard of. They are called blended wines. Blended wines can delight your taste buds in an exciting manner. But here the cellar masters have the opportunity to mix low quality grapes to make good sales. Therefore only trust well known and certified wine makers.

Winery - Wineries make a great difference when you determine the taste of the wine. A handful of wineries always produce wines that give best taste. So you can depend on those labels. So, check on all brands a few times and decide on buying the ones that are very consistent in providing the best taste.

Place - Also check the region where the grapes where picked from. This information is provided on the label of the bottle. Grapes acquire the flavor from the soil they are grown in. France for instance induces lavender aroma to the wines that are made out of their grapes. So there is abundant variety depending upon the place where the grapes were picked from.

Year of produce - Look out for this information without fail. If a particular year was bad to the vineyard then they are sure to yield bad wines. They make a sea difference in the taste of the wine.


All About Muscat Wines

>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

Muscat is one of the oldest varieties of grapes in the world with almost a family of over 200 different varieties in its family known today. It is important to note the fact that the Muscat grapes are sweet and fruity with an excellent rich fragrance.

These grapes are used primarily used for table wines in Chile and even in the sweet sparkling wines in Italy and the sweet dessert wines in California. Some of the common varieties of the Muscat grapes have been explained below:

Muscat Blanc is one of the oldest forms of the Muscat grapes known for the concentrated grape flavors. It is used in the production of the sparkling wine Asti Spumante. During the production of Asti Spumante the grapes are crushed completely and they are kept cold in the tanks. On requirement, the juice along with the crushed grapes is heated and they are allowed to get fermented.

After this procedure the product that is the material which is allowed to get fermented is completely sealed in large tanks where the carbon dioxide is allowed to mix with the wine. After the wine reaches the perfect levels of the alcohol and the sugar levels the fermentation process is stopped by quickly cooling the wine. After this the exquisite wine is filtered, bottled and corked. Thus after this exquisite wine of Spumante is born.

The next variety of grape called as Moscato Giallo also referred as Goldmuskteller or Rosenmuskateller varieties is a quite similar version of the Muscat Blanc.

The next and one of the interesting varieties of the Muscat grapes is referred as Muscat Hamburger; it is a grape variety reserved for food pairing. Further it is also used for the purpose of the production of red wines in the Eastern European countries.

Muscat of Alexandria is used in the production of sherry and other liquors; it derives its origin dates back to the Egyptian period. These grapes possess low acid content and high sugar content, this tends to the production of a lower quality wine. Because of this feature of grapes these end up as grapes to be eaten as they are or as raisins.

Moskately are used for the production of the dessert wines and these grapes usually grow in cooler climates.

Orange Muscat is another variety of the Muscat grapes with the aroma of orange and they are used in the production of the dessert wines, they are used mainly used in California.

Properties of Muscat grapes:

There are a number of varieties of the Muscat grapes, the hues vary greatly from White, brown and some are almost black in color. The Muscat Blanc grape in spite of the name is not always white in color. Hence these grapes are used for a wide variety of production of a broad range of wines.

They are grown in the temperate climates of Australia, California, France, Greece, Italy and Spain and these grapes are harvested only when they are very ripe thus rendering exceptionally sweet grapes.


Growth Of Wines From Their Origin

>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wine is one of the few things for which the people in every part of the world are crazy and it has remained as one of the most popular beverage throughout the history. The facts reveal that people have been enjoying this extremely tempting beverage from the last four thousand five hundred years.

The first sip:

Since 6000B.C people have been drinking this incredible drink. The wine residues were found during the Neolithic era in the present day sites of Iran and Georgia. The first drops of wines as per the research have shown that the wines existed in Iran from 5400 B.C to 5000 B.C. no one yet is much sure about the history of the wines, we all know that the wines were drunk by many people in the middle east in 2500B.C. Egyptians have specified in the Old Testament about the usage of grapes in the wines.

Wines in Egypt:

Wines were popular in the ancient Egypt and they were used in many of the rituals and ceremonies. They usually drank red wine however a recent discovery has shown that they even drank white wines. But red wines were more popular than the white wines. In the Ancient walls of the Egyptian tomb, there are scenes depicted about the process of wine making plus there are the lists of the different types of the wines available during their regime.

Wines in Greece and Rome:

The Greeks have initiated many wine traditions that are been followed in the modern era of wine culture. This drink was so important to them that there existed a deity of wine and revelry called as Dionysus. They also had a festival in the honor of the deity which was called as the Anthesteria where in the Greece had several wine related contests. There are many references about wine in the Greece culture they are mostly reflected in the writings of Homer and Aesop.

Wine has been a very popular drink even in the ancient Roman Empire; it was an integral part in the Roman diet. This was the time when the process of wine making was transferred as a big time business and the methods also improved during this tenure. This was the first time when there was usage of bottles for the storage purpose and barrels huge barrels were used to shift them or in other words ship them.

Dark ages:

During the dark ages the environment in the world was not much stable, there was chaos all round the world. Because of the existence of different cultures the uniform methods of wine making were no more. Different people produced wines with different methods. However this tenure did not see much growth in the wine industry.

Wine in modern days:

During this time wine has become more popular than ever. There has been an increase in the retail sales of the wines from 30% to 50%. Thus wines have become the talk of the day and people are consuming them more and more. They are pairing wines with food and enjoying this crazy drink to the core.

Source: Napa Valley Wine Tours


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