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>> Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In California, you will be immersed in the wonder and splendor of a state that could take you an entire lifetime to fully experience. California wine country tour has a lot to offer, relaxing sunset walks along the seashore, insightful museums and amazing painting galleries and fine dining.

The most amazing surprise of California wine country tour in my opinion is absolutely the endless vineyards and olden wineries of the Wine Country. Whatever your wish or delight, you can indulge for a dream weekend at one of California's Wine Country divan and breakfast inns.

There are a lot of beautiful bed and breakfast country inns located on calm creeks in the middle of lovely gardens and huge vineyards in the heart of the California Wine Country valleys. Napa Wine Valley and Sonoma Wine Valley are the two most popular areas of the wine country and have an embarrassment of wonderful and peaceful things to do and see.

In the middle of many attractive aspects, Sonoma Valley boasts a tremendous production of Pinot Noir. Only 50 kilometers north of San Francisco, A Sonoma Wine Country weekend tour features more than 200 wineries, with planned grand tastings and pleasant wine auctions.

The Sonoma Wine Valley vineyards allegedly were planted as early as 1824 which spans a record of almost 200 years. At the same time as traveling through the heart of the Sonoma Napa Valley, stay at The Shelford House Bed and Breakfast Inn, concealed away in a beautiful vineyard between Healdsburg and the amazing Mendocino coastline, which is an strange feit of Queen Anne style Victorian building.

It is one of the many wine country bed and breakfast inns presenting comforting vacations, passionate getaways and honeymoons and don't forget to follow a Sonoma wine trail to immediately travel back in time to when the wineries were first imagined over 100 years ago.

For a passionate and comforting getaway in California's wine country, come explore and enjoy Napa Valley Tour and the nearby vineyards and wineries. The Napa Valley, world renowned as a wine and tourist place, is located roughly one hour north of San Francisco. When visiting Napa, confront your golf game on one of Napa's pristine golf courses featuring gorgeous greens and undulating fairways.

The wineries here are typical representations of the Napa Wine Country. There is also an enormous sense of duty towards our environment. There are nearly 41 Napa Valley wineries that are utilizing solar energy which is talented for our future. Just trial your way through the Napa Country vineyards and winery estates and stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast country inn that matches your mood perfectly. The vineyards are a scene that will never be forgotten and all of the little towns throughout have their own single personality and individuality. All over the entire area of Napa wine country you would discover more than 13,000 acres of vineyards and wineries that are first and foremost family owned and operated.

It is a wonderful wine country bed and breakfast holiday to unplug and forget your daily worries; the Wine Country always has ails for what suffer you with each drop of yummy pinots, merlots, and chardonnays. Just you can take a week or a month to find out all that Wine Country cities have to proffer. Mountains and the sea, redwoods and canal, the valleys and the vineyards, Napa's wine country has it all. So arrange your trip, book some bed and breakfast inns and see one of the most amazing parts of the world.


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